Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ethiopia Criminalize Watching Esat and OMN, Diplomats Cannot Travel Out Of Addis Abeba Now

Under The State Of Emergency, Diplomats Cannot Travel Out Of Addis Abeba Now
The specifics of the Ethiopian regime’s Command Post State of Emergency state that diplomats cannot travel outside of Addis Abeba, maximum being 40 km radius, without the knowledge of the Command Post. If this ban applied to diplomats, it is possible  that it will also affect tourists who wish to travel outside of the capital.
The declaration contains around 30 articles. It could now be soundly claimed that the Ethiopian Defense Forces, dominated by one ethnic group, has taken over by conducting a negotiated or silent coup. The names of the members of the new Command Post has not been made public but the faces being shown on TV include Siraj Fegessa, Minister of Defense and the Attorney General, Getachew Ambaye and “PM” Hailemariam Dessalegn. These three individuals are being used as PR by a secret team of TPLF military personnel, who form and lead the Command Post.   Some of the main articles include:
- Fifty km inside the borders  of the country have been flagged red zones.
-All major roads leading to regional cities and borders, except to Mekele/Tigray region, have been marked red zones.
- A curfew has been imposed after 6pm and before 6 am on all private and government investments, projects and institutions.
- All political parties are banned from issuing pressers that may contain any sense of incitement.
- Watching listening  or reporting to diaspora based Ethiopian media outlets such as ESAT, OMN  is banned and vaguely called “other radio stations.”
- Communicating with outside groups/forces using social media such as Facebook has been banned.
- Security forces cannot seek resignation or an annual leave during the period of the State of Emergency.
- Terminating or shutting own’s business or service has been banned.
- Demonstrating inside educational institutions is banned.
- Religious leaders are banned from speaking about political issues or current affairs.
To cover and implement the curfew and SoE, the regime’s army will be stretched and this will loosen the border security. The curfew will also cripple businesses, education, and government’s own services.It is difficult to even imagine if this declaration would bring about the intended purposes or rather have unexpected and indirect consequences on national security and economy.

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