Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ethiopia Declared state of emergency for the first time in 25 years amid security deterioration in oromia state

By abenezer_a

Addis fortune reported that The Ethiopian government declared state of emergency amid security deterioration in the oromia state. It was declared on an urgent meeting the prime minster cabinet conducted on Saturday afternoon.This is the first time in 25 years declared state of emergency  According to the article 93 of the constitution.    "In the exercise of its emergency powers the Council of Ministers can not, however, suspend or limit the rights provided for in Articles 1, 18, 25, and sub-Articles 1 and 2 of Article 39 of this Constitution.  " "The state of emergecy will last for 6 months or could be shorted"  a senior government official told Addis fortune

Security forces have killed more than 500 people during protests over the course of the last year as though the country is in state of emergency. With in one day, on October 2, 678 people were killed on ireecha celebration according to Oromo Federalist congress, the government lower the number to 55. UN human right council has multiple times  called for independent investigation but Ethiopian government has been declining requests. More killings  and arrests are expected in the coming days. State of emergency is already on effect as of saturday evening oct 8, 2016.

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