Thursday, October 13, 2016

Clash in North Gonder Armachio Left 50 ENDF Dead and 31 Injured

Armed group kills dozens soldiers

An armed opposition group operating in north Gondar has reportedly killed dozens of Ethiopian regime soldiers in a battle on Wednesday night.
A source told ESAT on the phone that the fifth regiment of the army in the area sustained a serious damage as the freedom fighters repulsed a surprise attack by the forces killing at least fifty-five.
Thirty-one others were injured and fifteen have surrendered, the source said. The injured were taken to Soroka Camp.
This was not the first time an armed attack resulted in the death of government soldiers in northern Ethiopia where people have raised arms to fight back a brutal regime.
Two fighters including the leader of the armed group, Abera Gobaw were killed in the fight.
There has been a spike in defections in the Ethiopian army as the rank and file have become subjects to the commanders and top brass officers who hail from the ruling Tigrian minority.
Gondar has seen deadly protests since this summer and security forces killed over a hundred protester who demanded an end to the TPLF rule.

Source: Esat

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