Tuesday, October 11, 2016

crack down on activists intensified following state of emergency

According to local sources and voice of America.  Police started arresting members  and ex-members of Blue party  on october 8,2016. From Addis Abeba  Awoke Tezera, Abebe Akalu , Blen Mesfin,  Tena Yetayew are Arrested  and From Amhara region, Abebe ayele, Moges Abeje are arrested. Eyasped Tesfaye  who was Dissmesed from party leadership  and Tena Yetayew are held Amiche Police station,  Eyasped has been actively writing up updates about the unrest  in Ethiopia and also have been quoted by some medias.  It has been three days since Eyasped is arrested, he hasn't been brought to court yet. Blen Mesfin  who is also an Ex- member of Blue party is  charged with speaking loud to incite public unrest. Gulele First instance court has given four days to investigate on Blen's case. 

Blue party recently has carried  out the third General assembly. Based on the party's latest Press release, Yeshewas assefa who was recently released from jail as has been elected as  chair man of the party. There are reports that indicate that, the election of the  chairman happened in the absence of one third of the General Assembly.

The Ethiopian government has declared state of emergency on an urgent meeting the prime Minster cabinet conducted on october 8, 2016.  It will last for 6 month and  command post has been established, Attorney General Ato Getachew Amabye outlining state of emergency, it is prohibited to Distribute writings that incite violence (articles critical of the regime), to show hand protest signs and protest, the authority can arrest and search house without court order, also can close any form of media.

The Ethiopian government has promised to change the electoral system as a solution to give space for the opposition. critics say, technocratic fixes wont solve the mess the country is in. The regime must step down and a transitional government must be formed.  Ethiopia conducted the 5th round General election in May 2015, the ruling party and it allies  claimed wining 100 percent of the parliamentary seats. Experts add that, the government decision to change the electoral system is admitting the last election wasn't free and fair.

In related development, Eyob Kebede member of AEPO Party is arrested and Nigisti Yirga who has become face of Amhara resistance has appeared in court on Oct 14 for the second time, she was held in the torture chamber Maekelawi.

Photograph: internet 

Eyaseped Tesfaye: Photograph: Facebook

Correction: It was repored on october 11, 2016 that Yeleqal Getenet(Former Chair man of Blue party), Seleshi Feyisa (vice chairman of blue party ), Woyinshet Molla, Woretaw Wase, are arrested too. Thats wrong 

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