Sunday, October 23, 2016

Chefe oromia elected Lemma Megerssa as president oromia

By @abenezer_a

Adama, October 23,2016. Chefe oromia (oromia Council) held the 5th round work session meeting and second urgent meeting in Adama city 100km from Addis Ababa

The central committee of Opdo presented the appointment of obbo Lemma Megerssa and obbo Eshetu Dessie to the council. The council approved with full vote the newly elected Opdo chairman Obbo Lemma Magarsa to replace obbo Muktar Kedir as President of the region and obbo Eshetu Dessie vice president of the region to be house of speaker of Oromia Council.

Obbo Baker Sahle Office head of  Opdo speaking to the council, the assigned officials have long experience and required educational level to execute their responsibility

It can be recalled that Muktar Kedir (President of the region) and Aster Mamo, chair and deputy chair were sacked in September by the central committee of Opdo following evaluation.

Lemma Megerssa has worked in security and law enforcement offices in both regional and federal agencies and as speaker of Oromia council before he was appointed as  as chairman of Opdo and President of the oromia region.


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