Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ethiopia: Government threatens Face book users

Following the current protest in the country, Ethiopian government is accusing  the social media users saying “they are inciting violence.”
The sole Television station in the country, owned by the government, EBC  is also propagating that the government must shut down the Face book and other social media outlets. EBC also advises the government to put a pressure on face book users.
In different public meetings the ruling party held last week following the protests over the vague Addis Ababa master plan, officials mentioned several times ‘Face book as a threat of the country’ and the means of inciting violence.
It is becoming clear that the government will go further in controlling the plat form and will threat the users very soon as it did on the newspapers and magazines shutdown a year ago.
Many face book users expressed their frustration on the statements of the government officials and told their friends they are quitting face book to avoid any problems from the security agents that may be following them.
Ethiopia is labeled as one the most censored countries in the world by CPJ.
The internet penetration in the country is below 2 present.

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