Thursday, June 4, 2015

Over 47, 000 S/Sudan refugees relocated in Ethiopia

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The relocation of South Sudanese refugees from the flooded Leitchuor and Nip Nip camps in Ethiopia was successfully completed with a total of 47,038 of them consisting of 11,182 households relocated to Jewi camp.In a statement issued on Thursday, UNHCR said 44,422 refugees were relocated from Leitchuor camp and 2,616 others were from Nip Nip camp.
The statement said South Sudanese refugees continue to arrive in Gambella state of Ethiopia at a daily average rate of 400 people.
The majority of the new arrivals originated from Longechuk (Mathiang), Nasir, Ulang Maban and Akobo counties of South Sudan.
The new arrivals mentioned armed conflict, food insecurity and search for missing family members as the main reasons for their flight.
The cumulative figure of new arrivals from South Sudan from 15 December 2013 is 208,700, including 205,565 in Gambella and 3,135 in the Benishangul-Gumuz Region near Assosa.
71 percent of the new arrivals are female and 67% are children.
This brings the South Sudanese refugee population in Ethiopia to 272,964 refugees including the 64,264 refugees who arrived before December 2013.
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