Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dr Fikru Maru in Hospital and Abebe urgessa sentenced to 15 years

by @abenezer_a

photo: Henrik Montgomery / TT

Dr Fikru maru hordofa  who was sentenced to four years in prison for tax deviation and now  charged with terrorism accused of providing 70000 Ethiopian birrr for the distruction of Qilinto Prison. According to Ethiopian human right project, Fikru Maru  has been tortured and his health condition has deteriorated. The court alleges that an estimated 15 million birr worth of property was destroyed and 23 prisoners were killed. Research of Ethiopian human right project  shows that a total of 64 prisoners died, 23 were dead due to the fire and 45 were shot. 

photo: Addis standard
Court declined closed hearing request of the public prosecutor, 19 witness  of the public prosecutor couldn't be found by their address. No one has wittiness-ed thus far against Bekele Gerba Deputy chairman of oromo Federalist congress who is the 4th defendant under the file of Gurmesa ayano. The hearing has been adjourned for  December 27, 2016.

photo:Ze habesha
Human right activist Yonathan Tesfaye who was arrested accused of violating article 6 of the anti-terrorism law Listed prominent politicians  who are in custody as defense witness . Among the witness is the veteran Journalist Eskinder nega  sentenced to 18 years, Bekele Gerba, blogger Befeqadu hailu , Dr Yacob HailemariaM. From his family side, He has listed his father and sister. Eskinder Nega requested the court to change the date as he didnt get a court court summons  paper beforhand to be well prepared for testifying. The hearing  has been adjourned   for December 17/18

Abebe  Urgessa who was arrested following  the first round of #OromoProtest senteced to 15 years, he was accused of  throwing grenade which resulted in death of 1 and Injury of 40 people. Abebe Urgessa among the 38 individuals accused burning Qilinto Prison. Megerssa Worku, Adugna Kesso, Bilisuma Demena , Teshale Bekele,  Lenjesa Alemayehu have been set to walk free.

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