Saturday, December 10, 2016

Stop BEDiSA Group’s Land Grab of Tana Beles-Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Amhara Professional Union (APU) an organization dedicated to the defense and protection of the ideals and interests of the Amhara of Ethiopia in all sectors has initiated a petition to stop the purchase of the Tana Beles project by a Turkish corporation called BEDiSA Group.

The TPLF regime has been selling fertile Amhara land in the name of development while at the same time committing genocide of the Amhara people, forced eviction of farmers without adequate compensation, and imprisonment. The Amhara people will not benefit from the sale of Tana Beles, but instead the profits from these ventures go to the pocketbooks of TPLF leadership. Therefore, the Amhara Professional Union (APU) is suggesting to the BEDiSA Group to hold off all of its investment in Tana Beles until a government that represents the concerns and aspirations of the Amhara people is installed. The BEDiSA Group can invest in the Amhara region once a government that represents the wishes and aspirations of the Amhara people is in place and by then the hospitable Amhara people will welcome the group to invest in the region that will surely boost the investment’s value, safety, and profitability.
Thus, we are asking all Ethiopians and friends to please click on the link below, read the APU statement, and sign the petition. This petition will be delivered to Binai Boran, Chairperson of the BEDiSA Group.

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