Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Somaliland: Ethiopian govt take Horn Cable TV off air

By Editor on June 21, 2016.
Toosh Media-The Ethiopian government orders Thiacom satellite to block the broadcast of Horn Cable Television, a Somali-based channel.

The Ethiopian Federal government made a complaint letter after the HCTV made coverage of the Jama Dubad massacre where the Liyuu Police, a paramilitary militia massacred innocent civilians.

In addition, HCTV reporter was arrested in Wajale, a border town that links Somaliland to Ethiopia.

Tensions are running high between Somaliland authority and the Ethiopian-Somalia administration based in Jigjiga.

Somaliland and Ethiopia share a wide range of mutual interests between the two nations.

Security, trade, combat terrorism and piracy in the region are the key areas where the two nations cooperate.

Human rights organization and media evangelists have called on Ethiopian authority to free the abducted reporter without further conditions.

The Liyu police, a paramilitary militia carry ethnic cleansing atrocities against Isak community living in Somalia administration territory in Ethiopia.

The Liyu police will be held accountable for  the crimes against humanity committed against innocent civilians.

The current regional president, Abdi Illey is the one who has masterminded the crimes to be committed.

The Ethiopian Federal level sent a delegation to Somaliland promising that the culprits be brought before the justice.

The Somaliland authority and its people are losing patient of the sporadic atrocities committed against its community living just the border regions between Ethiopia and Somaliland.


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