Friday, May 29, 2015

Fighting in the Ethiopia-Kenyan Border reported

The fight is ongoing at the moment according Twitter posts…

May 29, 2015


Kenya has deployed more security officers to patrol its border with Ethiopian after soldiers from the former beat up Kenyan villagers and snatched a gun.

The close to 20 men on Tuesday attacked Uran village in Moyale, assaulted villagers and stole a gun belonging to a Kenya police reservist.

Moyale CID chief Ayub Bakari yesterday said policemen and military officers have been sent to patrol the border. He said police have also started investigations into the incident. Last evening, Foreign Affairs PS Karanja Kibicho declined to comment on the incursion at a press briefing in Nairobi.

Bakari said police investigations have established that the attackers were criminals disguised as Ethiopian security personell known to Kenyan authorities as Dabaka. He said residents of Lataka village said the criminals demanded to know where members of the Oromo Liberation Front were hiding. Two men who were reportedly abducted by the gunmen were released two hours later. Herders Roba Jarso, 40, and Gilde Jarso, 70, were held hostage by the criminals who released them as they crossed back into Ethiopia at around 8 am.

Altano Huka, a resident of Lataka who witnssed the incident, said the criminals were armed with AK47 rifles. He said the thugs beat up residents with clubs.

Tens of villagers sustained minor injuries. They received treatment at local dispensaries but none was hospitalised. KPR officer Guyo Galgalo who was sleeping in his house when the attackers stormed his house lost his gun with 60 bullets. Uran AP post police officers who are only four kilometers from the village arrived two hours after the gunmen had left. The first patrol car was spotted in the village at around 8 am long after the attackers had crossed the boarder back to Ethiopia.

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